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Time is Money! DevoxxFr

2013-04-03T10:24:43 / jeremie chassaing

Last week I made a big 3 hour presentation (oops I forgot the pause..) at the DevoxxFr conference.


It was the second edition of this big Java oriented event in Paris, and a big success: 1400 attendees, 180 speakers for 160 presentations.


I’ve seen a lot of interesting talks there and met nice people ! I can sincerely recommend it to anyone, even not fluent in Java.


I posted the slides of my talk on SlideShare – french only.


I’ll post a link the the recorded video as soon as it’s available.


The slides don’t contain the details of the F# live coding of a Uno game, but it was quite similar to my SimpleCQRS F# implementation on GitHub.


Someone noticed it was a F# presentation in a JVM conference while there was no F# at the last TechEd…