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TDD becomes Design By Example

2009-04-18T08:22:08 / jeremie chassaing

Just have a look to Brad Wilson’s post It's Not TDD, It's Design By Example.

What the name Test Driven Development has going against it is that it doesn’t properly express the purpose of TDD; namely, that it is a process designed to help you drive and iterate the design of your implementation at the unit level.


Frustrated by the misunderstanding of the purpose of TDD, my friends and I (Peter, Jim, Brian, Scott, and many others, all agile practitioners and coaches) decided to start calling it Test Driven Design. A small change, but it starts to focus on the fact that the process is about design. Unfortunately, that “test” word baggage is still in there, so our next iteration was then Example Driven Design. This worked well too, but “EDD” and “TDD” were still too close together and confusing.

The final iteration ended up being Design By Example (DbE). Now when I talk about TDD, I always call it Design By Example, and explain why we like this name better than TDD. Where TDD(esign) or EDD failed to get traction, people really seem to resonate to Design By Example.

I think we can all gain clarity by using Design by Example instead on TDD. I adopt it from now on.

We still have to find disambiguation for highly overloaded terms like Service and Repository…